Product Photography Part 1

I nearly forgot today to write my little entry to fulfill my post plans of every 3 days. So let’s start fast and get into it.

Product Photography is a very wide field to begin with and I choose, to start with the easy part of it and progress in the future bit for bit. Of course I could have gone and just put some nice food on a plate make a picture of it and edit the shit out of it, to correct all the imperfections in the image, that I don’t want. So I got myself a cup of tea, that stood next to me, because I was sick at the time. Put the cup on my desk (which is luckily black) and just took a few pictures with flash, because I wanted this illuminated circle at the border of the tea and the cup. That worked out pretty good and I only had to edit the reflexion direct in the middle of the cup out and replace it with the surrounding colour. Also to mention is that I choose the black & white look, because I think this gives the image something mystic and also focuses on the white cup more than, when I would have let the picture in its true colour.

Tasse ohne reflexion

So this is the result of my first try and I am very happy with it, well otherwise I would have scrapped it and writing about it….

Now we come to the second try, now with a different subject ( sunglasses / shades )._DSC0185 better 123-1.png

So I show you direct the end result of that endeavour and explain what I have done now. At first I build myself an under and background in a very simple way with plain white paper, so that I didn’t have to do a lot of editing in the around the shades. After taking a few pictures ( I darkened the room beforehand) I chose one picture and started to adjust the lines left in the background by the paper being placed vertical above the other. After this was done I got into correcting the reflexions on the frame of the shades and removed a lot of them until I didn’t want to do more of it ( after an hour….). This is what the “raw” footage looked like:


You could to way more things with a picture like that, but this is a story, I will tell in another 3 days. I hope you enjoyed the read, have a great day and see you in 3 days. 🙂


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