Updates and lying in Photography?!

So I feel sort of obligated to post something again, to not completely forget about this blog. But now done with job searchery and a free 3 month period upcoming, I should be able to post something at least every 3 days.

So the next few post will be a bit catch up, where I will post pictures I captured the last 3 weeks or so. (Might contain a few pictures already uploaded to Instagram )

The first one of the day is one of those, it shows a tree on the side of the road next to a little water canal. My favourite detail about this picture is that the colours that compose this image were actually all done in post production.

For comparison: Raw image

pre post-1.jpg

Post Production / Finished Picture


So yes, you don’t really need a colourful sky to begin with, you just can change the light colour later down the road, turn up the aperture a bit and also a lot of clearness, to achieve a crisp and sharp image.

To be quite honest, I do this in a lot of pictures, because the sun is hidden most of the time behind he clouds and doesn’t get through. Also a colourful picture attracts the eye more because you can’t see something like that in nature. But you have to be aware of how much colour is enough.

At the end of todays post I give you an example on how not to do colour light change. So I took a picture at random and put a crazy level of colour to it. I mean you still can like it, when you are the blue greenish kind of guy/girl and want your pictures to look a bit more spacy or out of this world. Maybe I will put a very big moon in this picture just for fun to have something to look forward to the next post.


So as always, see you next time and stay awesome!


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