The moon and the city!

Hello again, I didn´t post for ten days, because quite frankly I got a lot to do…

But today I have a bit of free time, so I can share a few things. Yesterday we had the first real warm and cloudless day since the winter and so I had the opportunity to get a clear shot at the moon. And here he/it is.

Vollmond1 (2 von 1).jpg

Also I revisited a few pictures I took last year, when I visited Amsterdam and Den Haag. And had myself a beautiful day there. In the first picture that I will present to you, you can see , well I call it “The door to china town”. And is located in Den Haag. I really enjoy the sky and the details in the “Door to china town”.


The last one for today was taken in Amsterdam out of a window of the palace in the middle of the city. And again I fell in love with the absolutly skyporn going on.

As always I hope you enjoyed your visit and make sure to come back to see more if you like it.  – Niklas



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