A little Rabbit!

Today was a very beautiful and sunny day, so I decided, to put our rabbits/bunny whatever you like to call them in their cage outside, because they were inside their normal cage since november. And they really seemed to enjoy it. They were jumping and flipping around all the time. When this one stopped for a minute, I took my phone to take a picture of him. (both rabbits are males) And I think this perspective let him appear very cute.


And because of the weekend, I had to spend a lot of time with my family and couldn´t take more pictures. So I am just going to show you two more pictures of the rabbits, that I took last year. In the first one the black rabbit is just laying around under a little bunny bridge.


And the last picture for the day is of the grey rabbit again. He just sits there and eats a bit of grass.


I hope that I will be able to post everyday in the future, like the last few days. Anyways, I hope that you enjoyed todays blog and I will see you hopefully tomorrow.


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