New day, new story ?

Usually I think of something to write about, before I do it, but somehow I didn’t have time to do that today, so I apologize if todays post will be a lot more rambly.

And so we arrive at the first picture, which shows a long street, that ends up in my city, it is basically just a street to get the tractors to the fields and to get the cows from field to field any other day. Also it´s really great for running, because you can just run way out of the city and when you feel really tired, you still have to run back the at least 3 km. So you are assured that you get at least your 6 km of daily workout.


I took the picture with a Nikon D3200 and a 300mm. And for scale the distance between the man running in the foreground and the yellow sign way in the background is around 1.5 km.

The thing about that part of town besides the smell (cows and farmland ) is that this area gets covered lately with a lot of wind turbines and so the view you get in the distance is a lot of this.


I always wondered, if you could just climb up those things because they have a latter on the side of them, but they are very well secured (the base of them is like 3 meters high and the first few meters of the ladder have something in front of them, which you need a key to unlock) and I don´t want to carry a 3 meter ladder out there to be honest, so I have to search for other structures to climb up.

I hope you enjoyed this more improvised text and I will see you in the next post.


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