A bit scary today!

So to be honest. the pictures which I will show you today are not made today, but anyways.

So I wanted to try to get a bit of a spooky vibe into my pictures, so of course got on my bike at night and drove around, to a small park in my city , which has a bike track threw it also the so-called park is more like a little forest.

The first picture is taken under a street lamp , so the track is half lighted and you can see the track going on in the background. I think the black and white effect in combination with the trees and the lights in the background make the image appear a bit spooky.


The next picture is a few meters down this track. I took it with my Gopro (the picture before was also done with a Gopro). I was just riding further down into the park and wanted to get a blurry shot , so that the lights arent static and I was able to get just the picture, that I wanted, so I am very happy about that. I wanted the picture to express the situation of someone being chased through this track and the adrenaline, fear and focus lets the vision of that someone blury.GOPR7331.jpg

In the end I want to leave you with the following picture of a street lamp, surrounded by a few trees and of course done in black and white. See you the next time around.



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