The story continues!

So yesterday I wrote, that I went ou with my bike and drove around and stopped the description before I entered a part of a forest. So this is where I continue. So this is an earlier picture of the place, just so that you will get an impression on how it looks, it´s better for the story too.


But the yesterday, it hadn´t rained and so everything was sort of dry and not well as wet.

So I turned my attention to the trees and how beautiful they looked in the light, however in the edit at home I decided to go with a black and white look, just to get a different perspective and I liked it. So here is the first picture of the forest that day.


You can see a little lake or it´s more like a river and I decided to put that in the center of the picture, so it would appear symmetrical, but of course it isn´t. Also I didn´t adjust the angle of the picture , just for aesthetic purposes.


So now of course had to follow a more colourful picture and honestly its just a zoomed in version of the picture above, but shot on a different lens (70-300mm) before it was (18-50mm) , so the look is a bit different and maybe a bit clearer. The thing that I found most interesting on this picture is the reflection of the different tress and stuff in the water.

I always like it when pictures have a lot of detail.

I hope you enjoyed this today a bit longer post. See ya next time 🙂


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